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The Secrets of Mastering Volleyball Player Skills

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Volleyball is a game demanding skill. Thanks to the years of experience, professional sportsmen can give some useful advice and reveal their secrets to becoming proficient in the game.

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Vladimir Stefanov Sharing Secrets of Mastering Volleyball Player Skills

Playing volleyball, like many other sports, demands skill. It doesn’t come out of the blue. Every person wishing to succeed in this kind of sport spends years learning and practicing and all his/her life improving. Today we are going to talk with the player of a volleyball team based in Hong Kong – Vladimir Stefanov. He will share his secrets of mastering skills needed for every volleyball player.

What Are the Basic Volleyball Skills?

In volleyball, we have six basic skills to be learned and practiced. They are serving, passing, setting, blocking, attacking, and digging. Each of them comprises different types of skills with different levels of complexity, which gradually grow from the beginner to a professional sportsman. – says Vladimir Stefanov.
You should start with the basics, like underhand serving, and develop the skill by learning new techniques, gradually increasing your professional qualities. On the beginner, as well as on the professional, level the value of the player is determined by the variety of techniques he/she can apply in a game and the sportsman proficiency in them. – explains our guest.

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How Do You Know that You Are Ready to Level up Your Skills?

Don’t believe it when someone says you’ll feel this moment. You won’t. Having spent five years on the professional court, I have to say that your growth as a volleyball player should be a steady process. You go through the stages gradually, working day by day. It’s impossible to make a fast jump in your skills without giving time for drills.
Even now, playing for a professional Hong Kong team, my teammates and I look for certain ways to advance our skills. We think of what we can change in the now-existing techniques of serving, attacking, and others to become more unpredictable for the opponents. It’s a lifetime search, development, desire to become better, and huge work of coaches and team.

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The Secrets of Mastering Volleyball Skills

I used to play for a volleyball team in the Singapore capital where I think I’ve got some priceless experience. Our coaches always said that you can only then master all volleyball skills when you play in different positions. There should be dynamics so that you become a universal player. What’s more, such an approach helps you to see the court with the eyes of every member of your team. – Vladimir Stefanov shares his experience.
Volleyball is not only about skill. It’s also about power. Your physical shape should be excellent to make your hits powerful and hard to manage. While exercising, give special attention to your arms (like dumbbell arm swings, pushups, etc.).
The training that works well for coordination and concentration is playing in slow-mo. This way you can learn to concentrate so you could apply this skill in a regular game.

How to Get Ready for a Volleyball Game?

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